UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

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Why choose UpdraftVault?


Our Vault saves you having to depend on other remote storage systems. Because it’s been specifically tailored to UpdraftPlus, you won’t have to figure out how it works and then deal with setups, passwords, fiddly keys and accounting bother. UpdraftVault is fully integrated into the plugin, so you can connect and back up in just a couple of clicks.


As well as being extremely simple and intuitive to use, it also makes your backups easy to locate by organizing them into neat categories. You’ll be able to manage them easily from one central location, and you can also access them from any website you’re backing up via the WordPress dashboard.


UpdraftVault is an extremely secure off-site storage location. It’s built on Amazon S3, a world-leading cloud that provides 99.999999999% reliability, redundancy and high scalability. We’re giving all our UpdraftPlus customers 1Gb of free UpdraftVault storage space, with the option of purchasing more.



What are the additional benefits of Premium?

Cloning and migration

Migrator clones your WordPress site and moves it to a new domain or host directly and simply (more…)
Or use UpdraftClone to clone a temporary site to our servers in a matter of seconds (more…)

Incremental backups

Allows you to only backup changes to your files (such as a new image) that have been made to your site since the last backup

Fast, personal support

Provides expert help and support from the developers whenever you need it

Pre-update backups

Automatically backs up your website before any updates to plugins, themes and cores

Backup non-WordPress files and databases

Backup the WP core and non-WP files and databases

Network / multisite

Backup WordPress multisites or networks securely

Backup time and scheduling

Set exact times to create, retain or delete backups

More database options

Encrypt your sensitive databases (e.g. customer information or passwords); Backup external databases and more…


Sophisticated reporting and emailing capabilities


Some backup plugins can’t restore a backup, so Premium allows you to restore backups from other plugins

Lock settings

Lock access to UpdraftPlus via a password so you choose which site users can access backups

Run from WP-CLI

Run optimization commands directly on command-line with detailed output on screen

No ads

Tidy things up for clients and remove all adverts


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